MEP Testing and Commissioning


Electrical Testing and Commissioning

Electrical systems in Buildings are critical to maintaining building operations. Commissioning of Electrical Systems is important as most electrical failures often occurs as a result of poor workmanship, improper maintenance work or ageing and are not detected until a fault or failure occurs. ITS has a dedicated team of highly experienced commissioning engineers and technicians who provide complete technical competence and support to our clients for commissioning of electrical systems. We carry out inspections and verify that the installation complies with the design drawings, specifications, local regulation and international standards.

After the installation of electrical system, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) can be prepared by our technical experts to make sure the system is ready and safe for enerrgization and operation. EICR covers visual Inspection, Tightness Check, Continuity Test and Insulation Resistance Test, which ensures safe energisation of electrical systems. We offer Hands on testing and Commissioning , Commissioning Supervision , Witnessing and Commissioning Management for Electrical Systems including Site acceptance tests, Cold and Live test which includes Continuity Test , Polarity Test , Insulation test, Dielectric Test , Earth leakage test, Earth fault loop impedance test. Earthing & Lightning protection system test, Primary & Secondary Injection test and Thermal Infra Red Test will also be carried out according to requirements.

The following Electrical/ELV systems are independently tested:

  • LV/MV Switchgears
  • Bus Bar Riser System
    • DB/Final Power & Light Points
  • Cabling of Electrical systems
    • Earthing & Lightning protection System
  • Security & ELV Systems

HVAC TAB - Testing, Adjusting and Balancing


HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) is essential for achieving occupant thermal comfort and indoor air quality within a building. An unbalanced system can lead to over/under cooling, high energy costs and mould growth. Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) involves measuring and adjusting air and water flows to meet design requirements of air conditioning in different parts of the building. Our team is recognized by the industry and building owners as TAB Specialists. We have the right mix of talent, experience and resources to measure the efficiency of a building’s HVAC system and formulate a customized solution for our clients.

  • HVAC system surveys
    • Indoor air quality testing
  • Pre-commissioning inspections and verification
    • Testing, adjusting and balancing of air systems
  • Testing, adjusting and balancing of water systems
    • Fault finding and troubleshooting in HVAC system
  • HVAC sound and vibration testing
  • Pressure & duct system leak testing & investigations
  • Validation & verification of HVAC system performance