HVAC - Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


HVAC Installation

Sustainable HVAC systems that ensure good indoor air quality and the occupancy comfort in buildings are of great importance now. ITS provides Installation of all types of air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings, Malls, Offices, retail, Educational institutes, restaurants, warehouses, Factories and hospitals. Our dedicated team of HVAC professionals provide complete installation service for all kinds of cooling systems and accessories. ITS staff is highly skilled and offers best quality and high standard workmanship in performing the installation & maintenance works of HVAC systems as per the required specification & International standards.

Our Installation services for HVAC system includes:

  • Window AC, SPLIT AC & DUCTED SPLIT AC/DX units
    • AHU, FAHU, FCU, CCU and Thermal Recovery Wheels
  • Complete Chiller systems
    • Sound Attenuation and Anti vibrations solutions
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow systems(VRV/VRF)
    • All types of GI and PI ducting and insulation
  • Volume Control Dampers (VCD)
    • Motorised & Smoke motorised Dampers(MD & SMD)

HVAC Maintenance

In HVAC system, an air conditioners filters, coils, and fins requires regular maintenance for the unit to function efficiently throughout its years of service. Preventive maintenance of HVAC units helps to ensure that equipment is operating correctly and safely and also helps to maintain unit performance and system efficiency as well as prolonged unit life. Our HVAC maintenance team undertakes repairs required for all types of HVAC equipments installed in your premises. We are specialized to handle any kind of challenging issues rising as part of HVAC installations in any type of buildings or establishments. Air Duct cleaning service is provided by our specialist team to provide you fresh and clean air. Our duct system cleaning procedures are performed in accordance with the NADCA (National air duct cleaners association) procedures and specifications.

Types of duct cleaning services we offer are:

  • Air conditioning duct system
  • Kitchen duct system
  • Laundry duct system

ITS offers competitive preventive maintenance services and maintenance contracts for small retails to large multi-storey and industrial sites. Detailed annual schedules and programs of the maintenance works shall be provided at the beginning of the contract. With the set number of visits at required intervals, all the specific maintenance required for various equipments shall be rectified and carried out, once the approval is obtained from the client.


TAB - Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) involves measuring and adjusting air and water flows to meet design requirements of air conditioning in different parts of the building. We have the right mix of talent, experience and resource to measure the efficiency of a building’s HVAC system and formulate a customized solution for our clients. All of our TAB services are undertaken by experienced engineers and trained technicians who use the latest techniques and equipments to balance the whole system effectively and efficiently.